Climb Higher

Mt. Evert 2018

Mount Everest, one of Gods great creations, mans mission to climb, our mission to adore.

Sometimes we get so busy we forget that looking UP is actually therapeutic for our souls! When you were a kid, did you not not spend hours looking at the clouds, watching them drift and turn into a variety of figures, animals, people and the like? I know I found great calm and pleasure in looking up and envisioning the possibilities. It is important that we continue that practice of envisioning new things, climbing higher, learning, and seeking.

Find things to adore today and share them with your family and friends! Look up, look around, climb higher than yesterday and when you look up, dont foget there is a great creation, when you look in the mirror!

Namaste’, Shalom and God Bless,


Credits: Susan Balfe, on her assent 2018.

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