For Heavens Sake

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As I often do, I ask for guidance on what to write about in these posts. I have been so conflicted in so many ways of late, that it has been hard to decifer on which area to focus. But here goes nothing, as they say!

SO, we are tired, we are confused, we are angry, we are joyful, we are thankful, we are hopeful and we have no real idea of what truths lie before us.

With this mismash of feelings and thoughts it is easy to get sidetracked from some very important ideals that keep us as ONE.

I say ideals because, ideally, we all want the world to be what we want it to be….peaceful, prosperous, loving and kind. But, it isn’t.

Hostility abounds, differences drive friends apart, hatred is easy to find and love is found mostly in Hallmark, The Bible or videos, but seldom in day to day intractions.

So what do we do? What do we do as a collective of human beings set upon the ball we call Earth to exist….as we might more desire?

What do I do? I look up. I look to the stars, the Heavens and I pray. I pray for peace, I pray for healing, and hate to go away….just vanish. I pray for love to overome all. I pray to the Heavens for our sake, the world is healed.

My sister from another mother always says I gernally look at life with sunshine in my eyes. That is, I look toward the sun, I literally WANT to see the sun. I want to see godness and mercy. I want to feel loved and I want to feel peace. I want this pervasive tiredness to go away. I want to feel energized. I want to feel like ME again.

Somehow, in all this, I feel as though I have lost a part of me. I lost that part of me that looks toward the sun and instead settles for looking at my phone. I tire of the endless statistics and yet am somehow strangely pulled toward them. DO you find yourself in this position as well? Do you find yoursef pulled toward that which you KNOW, in your heart, is not what you ultimately want in day to day life?

These are my confessions of feelings. Even though I do believe in God with my heart, somewhere along the line, I just wonder where He is in all this. I know He is watching. I know in the end He wins, but getting through this muck and mire is just not fun at all. I am sure as well that on some level, He is affecting all these situations in the world today. And I know, with my heart He is the ultimate ONE of all.

If you look back in history, even thousands of years ago, there have been famines, plagues, wars and all that stuff we deem as horrid. Had we gotten so complacent that we didn’t imagine all this could happen to us? History always repeats itself….. it seems to me that we had gotten so comfortable with life, our living, that this has been a giant shock to our very existence. A shock, that itself will likely go down in history.

I am not here though to tell you sad and periless tales, to reiterate all that you already know, only to assure you that if you have had feelings like this, you are not alone. These feelings do not make you less of a Believer, even some of the great prophets questioned God at times, but it does indicate that we may need a swift kick in what I call our God Brain.

This God Brain part of ourselves is the ideal I am referring to. Our realities need to exist on a plane that God sees, and God sees the ideal ,of that I am sure. He is all about ideal, and perfection. Our jobs are to catch that feeling , that concept and live it. Every. Single. Day. Run after and catch it like you might go after a whisping feather floating on the wind.

Our God Brain can see, envision and hope for this ideal. Our God Brain has the capabiity to live this out, if we put forth effort; and that is perhaps the hardest part…living with effort, with purpose, with determination. It is the easiest thing in the world to see only the bad, the negative, the hostility. It is quite another effort to live with vigor, hope, purpose and goodness.

It takes looking into the sun.

Start by taking off your sunglasses and looking at life as a bright shining star, waiting to give you the energy needed. Feel the warmth surround you, feel the oneness, let your God Brain take charge and see what happens. Look for that feather of hope, of love, feel your body being pulled toward it, and wrap your hands around the softness.

The sun is there, waiting.

Blessings to all,


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