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Saint Austine said….” Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.”

Saint Augustine lived in tumultuous times. No one on earth escapes turmoil of one sort or the other. Agree with his dogma or not, he did have some good things to say about human nature, love, gratitude and living a valued life. As in, everyone has value and worth, and souls to grow.

Todays climate of social distrust, unrest and general unease is hard at times to fathom. The virus didnt bring it on, neither did the weather, but more likely it seems the USA in still in its teen years. We are barely over 200 years old, very young by global standards, and in a stage where it seems throwing fits and tantrums in every sociological/economical circle happens. Its as if we really don’t want to see a bigger picture, except out our own window.

SO, having said all that, I dare say Gods window is much bigger. Expansive. Unlimited. Infinite.

When I look up to pray, I know this too shall pass. I have lived long enough to see civil unrest, disobedience, and ease….all in one lifetime! But, it does not make my responsibility lessened to agree with values that I don’t believe will help make this country safer, more civil and a part of this happy ball we inhabit.

Otherwise and to sum it up….I vote for love. I vote we call a truce on violence. I vote we go with Saint Augustine’s words. I vote for our souls peace, I vote for dignity for everyone, I mean everyone. I vote for justice, real justice, not vigilante acts. I vote for people to come together in commonality instead of divisiveness. I vote for hate to cease, or a least lessen, just a little. I vote for God. I know He is there. I know He will always be there, and I know, He sees it all.

Vote for Love,


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