Can you Even?

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If you are seeing this image, you have means to have access to technology, electronics, likely food and water, a to place to sleep.

Discrimination means many things to many people across the globe. Discrimination is not just a problem for the United States, but for so many people.

And what is “justice” really? Is it “just” that this woman sits on a street, alone, on the pavement, with just her clothes and a cup…possibly praying?

Is it ” just” that so many across the globe are killed and tortured for their religion? Is it ” just” that we can sit back and watch horrific events on television and do nothing about it besides sideline coach…add our two cents, our boastful ideas, without moving.

NO it is not “just.” It is not fair, it is not OK, is it not loving. SO what, then? When things are not “just” what are we to do?

DO we act like we have the answer? Do we cower in fear and resignation? DO we catastrophize events and situations to hopefully find some sense of reason?

You see, fear and certainty are born of the same cloth. Both assert a very definite stance. Both assert polar ends, which meet at the arc….much like a circle. Getting caught up with either side, means you ultimately lose what sense of safety and calm you thought you were producing. Ultimately, the only thing that produces reason, is peace.

Our minds cannot find reasonable solutions without peaceful moments. Peaceful moments can only come in the form of meditation, prayer or some sort of quiet stillness that sits in our Heavenly bodies waiting on us to partake. The stillness IS possible. the peace is to our offering. The hope we pray for is for our taking, IF, we can sincerely be courageous enough to look within first, and look outside ourselves second.

Can you even imagine what this elderly is praying for?

We might speculate, but we do not know because we are not “there.” When we are outside of a situation, we cannot possibly look and judge, as is so often the case. We have to learn to look with open eyes and minds, with kindness not judgment, with love, not hate. Take a long look at this picture, imagine….with your heart.

Put your heart to work. Find a still place and ponder that question, and then, ponder yours.

Namaste’, God Bless, pray for Peace,


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