Gotta Groove!

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Gotta get your groove on today folks!

Its Monday…time to start another week, wake to the sound of birds chirping, hear your heart beat and feel the love out there!

I was recently thinking about how good we really have it right now. Yes, there is is horrible oppression and discrimination that seriously needs to be dealth with. Yes there are laws and governmental changes to always be made. BUT….we have LIFE!

How much do you value your life? How much living are you doing? Are you a daily participant or are you merely sitting by watching others and wondering? I’ve been guilty of sitting and watching…its way easier. You find your space, settle in and boom, you got your seat to watch the games!

What if you changed all that? What if you decided today to take some action…anything…and actually start living and doing life?

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Write a letter, not an email, an old fashioned letter, with thought!
  2. Call a friend whom you haven’t seen in a while, and who may just be missing you!
  3. Even with the pandemic, there are places you can volunteer with proper precautions, like the animal shelter maybe…
  4. Go take a walk, notice all the things in nature GOD has provided for us!
  5. Sit and meditate, pray, be silent, for an hour. Just you and GOD, you and nature, quietly experiencing each other. I read the other day our most imaginative times comes when we are silent!
  6. Think of that hobby you’ve put off doing…and start! If you cant afford materials, ask around with your friends, you’d be surprised how much stuff folks have they’d like to “share.”

And lastly, dance! Just like the gentleman above….when all else fails, DANCE!

Your spirit will be lifted, you body will feel better and that lost groove, you may just find it again!

Blessings on your groove,


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I am a Believer who has journeyed many paths in life. I worked in mental health for over 20 years, been a speaker a numerous workshops and seminars on subjects from communication to resolving conflict. I began this blog as a way to reach out and provide assistance to people who are needing positive Light in their lives as well as to provide insights from my own journey that may help others. I am currently working on a book based off my experiences with God and His guiding. Please contact me for more information or speaker availability.

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