“Loves Pure Light”

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com

” No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and His love is perfected in us.” 1 John 4:12

God, is Love Incarnate. God is Pure Love. All that is, and all that shall be is from God and if it is from God, it is of Love.

I was watching Hallmark tonight, and a Christmas song came on….Silent Night. As these days carry on, the words of the song gave me great pause and a sense of calmness of spirit. The quiet feeling and sensation to feel Loves Pure Light fell upon me as a snowflake gently falls from the air. As I listened to the words I was again reminded of how amid all the discussions, speeches, videos, news, controversies, there is only and ever has been one thing that really matters….


What is so indelibly in front of us, what is so inextricably irrefutable, is Love.

Why is it so difficult for humans to grasp this one, freely given Entity of our lives?

LOVE LIVES, IT BREATHES, IT GIVES, IT TAKES, IT GIVES BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN AND ASKS FOR NOTHING IN RETURN. Why, is it so hard to hold onto? I look at my hands, I feel my heart beat, I think, I ponder and I still wonder, WHY?

I know, many of us can say, oh … “I love thus and such”…but is that really true? I think IF it were really true, the strife would end….or lessen at the very least. We could see each other as the same brothers and sisters were we meant to be. We would run at the opportunity to greet, to know, to SEE each other as we are…..the SAME. We would not run head long into conflict, despise those who don’t agree with us, be concerned with only our welfare and our state of being. We would make more efforts to be understanding, to look into other hearts, to feel their joys and their pain. The egotism and righteousness might just lessen, if……… we put LOVE FIRST.

Think for a moment of Love as an Entity….not a verb,….but as a REAL part of US we need to LIVE…just as we need breath. It changes perspective when one views it that way. SO many times LOVE gets cast away as something we can CHOOSE…we can DECIDE….but can we do that with oxygen? NO. SO it is the same with Love. We cannot afford the time or opportunity to waste dithering and acting as if our 4 year old selves want what they want. No wonder our Father commanded us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER so many times….He knew we would need reminders! But, alas, we are here….at this very moment in time when we really need to grasp this Entity of LOVES PURE LIGHT….and are we?

I leave you with this….God Loves what HE created. God is PURE LOVE. He does not always agree with human action…(read Bible and other material for past history,) but He loves His Creation. ALL of His Creation. You, are a part of that Creation. DO you, believe in Loves Pure Light? if so…How can you show Loves Pure Light today?

Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 on Pexels.com

Published by personoftrust

I am a Believer who has journeyed many paths in life. I worked in mental health for over 20 years, been a speaker a numerous workshops and seminars on subjects from communication to resolving conflict. I began this blog as a way to reach out and provide assistance to people who are needing positive Light in their lives as well as to provide insights from my own journey that may help others. I am currently working on a book based off my experiences with God and His guiding. Please contact me for more information or speaker availability.

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