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” We know what we are, but not what we may be”, William Shakespeare

As we look at humanity, do we truly know who we are? We surely know WHAT we are, humans…inhabiting space and time. BUt do we know WHO we are, and WHO we MAY become?

Evolution of the self and soul is a timeless procedure; taken lightly it results in very little I suspect, but taken with diligence and retrospect, I think may be an incredible journey. How do you look at yourself, if you do? What do you see? Who do you see? Are you the combination of so many people and so many thoughts of others, or, are you a combination of rules and regulations, guiding your journey ever so carefully forward?

Are you even brave enough to investigate this issue?

I have been on a journey for several years now to invest in my soul, to invest in my learning, my self-ness, t o really know WHO I am and look into WHO I desire to become with the time that is left, whatever that may be. It leaves me speechless some days. Other days my mind is a whirl of thoughts and images of the past, dreams for the future and lamentations of what could be.

I have leaned one thing so far: God, when asked, guides me. It is not just my humanity He loves, but my inner self. He cares not what clothes I wear, what friends I have, what color my skin or if I choose to pierce, tattoo, or adorn myself. He LOVES the INNER ME. He knows the inner me more than I do and I journey to try and seek His view of my Path. Of course, I will not fully know until I meet Him, but to seek out His Love, HIS enduring Grace, is my primary SOUL journey to know WHO I am.

WHO are you? Who do you want to become?

Bless your journey and adventure.


Published by personoftrust

I am a Believer who has journeyed many paths in life. I worked in mental health for over 20 years, been a speaker a numerous workshops and seminars on subjects from communication to resolving conflict. I began this blog as a way to reach out and provide assistance to people who are needing positive Light in their lives as well as to provide insights from my own journey that may help others. I am currently working on a book based off my experiences with God and His guiding. Please contact me for more information or speaker availability.

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