Are YOU the One?

I posted this on another site and got an interesting reply. Someone noted that Jesus must be really silly and uncaring to leave 99 to go and find the one sheep that had wandered away. That reply takes me back to a famous quote in Star Trek….” Sometimes the good of the One outweighs the good of the many.”

So, suppose you are that ONE who needs saving, and Jesus just said, ‘sorry, too busy, can’t do it…save yourself.’ I think many might say, oh no! And in my belief system, you would be right.

Every. Single. Day. There is ONE that needs protecting, saving, rescuing. And every day, Jesus and our Great Creator sees fit to do just that. Does it happen to everyone? No. And we do not know WHY. Our Great God only knows His plan, His actions, His reasons. But….on the chance that YOU are the One that needs saving, aren’t you worth trusting in a God who loves you? Aren’t YOU worth it for Jesus to see that He can raise you up, just as He was raised on this Blessed Easter?

Please take some time to reach out, if you are in hardship, talk to Him, pray reverently, and you CAN be the one He comes to rescue. And, pray for those who need Him to rescue, to find enduring Love and Peace.

Bless you all the Blessed Season of renewal. πŸ™

Published by personoftrust

I am a Believer who has journeyed many paths in life. I worked in mental health for over 20 years, been a speaker a numerous workshops and seminars on subjects from communication to resolving conflict. I began this blog as a way to reach out and provide assistance to people who are needing positive Light in their lives as well as to provide insights from my own journey that may help others. I am currently working on a book based off my experiences with God and His guiding. Please contact me for more information or speaker availability.

2 thoughts on “Are YOU the One?

  1. I was that one, one time, He found me astray, more than once He has come to my rescue, so glad the scripture says He’s a very present help in time of trouble. ❀️


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