Gods Grace

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Grace, how do you describe Gods Grace: Unending Love, forgiveness, mercy, and comfort are some of the words I have heard used. I still ponder on the word itself in terms of Gods great gifts He affords humanity. One definition is: …” the permanent disposition to remain in communion with God and another is ” God’s intervention in the process of our justification.” As noted in Western Christian theology, grace is ” the love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not necessarily because of anything we have done to earn it.” “It is not a created substance of any kind, it is an attribute of God that is most manifest in the salvation of sinners.”

Essentially, God gives humanity love, because He loves humanity.

Given we are given this gift from God, what NEED WE DO? Pay it forward. Give away that which has been given to you. Accept this wondrous gift freely and without pretension or reservation and give it away to others. Give Grace and you shall find Grace, is an old idiom. Otherwise, what you give away will be yours. Odd paradigm, though, isn’t it? It makes sense, because we BELIEVE, and yet, cognitively, there is so much space in between those words to ponder.

I encourage you this week to give away that which has been given to you, freely.

God Bless.


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Gumballs have been around since their invention in 1928. Gum itself has been around since the early days of the Mayans and Aztecs, using tree resin to stave off hunger and freshen breath! after many various attempts, from many chewing enthusiasts, the actual round, colorful gumball was invented. Its exact origin is not known, although a gentleman by the name of Fleer introduced it to the American market. Your history lesson for today!

Onto the next thought…..

I was discussing my disdain for our culture of late with a friend and I off handed said I feel like the people of the US have turned into gumballs, bouncing around, putting nickels in the slot and hoping for the color of their luck! This is a pretty vivid, yet loose association I realize, but it does make a point. We are where we are because of the choices we have made as a society, a culmination of some good and some bad. Humans will be humans, I have been told, but in my trying to comprehend our lack of simple decency and real care for HUMANITY, it appears we have some very serious missteps along the way.

All too often, we follow the bright lights, the hope for MORE, the chance to fulfill that childlike need to achieve the impossible! We put our money in the slot, cross our fingers and see what comes out!

Are YOU the One?

I posted this on another site and got an interesting reply. Someone noted that Jesus must be really silly and uncaring to leave 99 to go and find the one sheep that had wandered away. That reply takes me back to a famous quote in Star Trek….” Sometimes the good of the One outweighs the good of the many.”

So, suppose you are that ONE who needs saving, and Jesus just said, ‘sorry, too busy, can’t do it…save yourself.’ I think many might say, oh no! And in my belief system, you would be right.

Every. Single. Day. There is ONE that needs protecting, saving, rescuing. And every day, Jesus and our Great Creator sees fit to do just that. Does it happen to everyone? No. And we do not know WHY. Our Great God only knows His plan, His actions, His reasons. But….on the chance that YOU are the One that needs saving, aren’t you worth trusting in a God who loves you? Aren’t YOU worth it for Jesus to see that He can raise you up, just as He was raised on this Blessed Easter?

Please take some time to reach out, if you are in hardship, talk to Him, pray reverently, and you CAN be the one He comes to rescue. And, pray for those who need Him to rescue, to find enduring Love and Peace.

Bless you all the Blessed Season of renewal. πŸ™

Grace Unending

Grace is something always available to us, always offered, and sometimes overlooked. I asked friends to tell me their definitions of Grace and most said…Love.

I offer the same questions to the reader’s here….how do YOU describe the Grace God freely offers??? I often seem to view it as His great Forgiveness, His Absolute Love for all creation.

We need Grace. Every day. We need to acknowledge the effects of Gods Grace in our lives! We need to SHARE this gift with others….every day.

So, in this short writing, I am asking you to think about it, pray about what Grace you receive and how you give it away. We NEED all we can muster right now. Please, I pray, think about it, deeply. May God Bless you all. πŸ™