Are YOU the One?

I posted this on another site and got an interesting reply. Someone noted that Jesus must be really silly and uncaring to leave 99 to go and find the one sheep that had wandered away. That reply takes me back to a famous quote in Star Trek….” Sometimes the good of the One outweighs the good of the many.”

So, suppose you are that ONE who needs saving, and Jesus just said, ‘sorry, too busy, can’t do it…save yourself.’ I think many might say, oh no! And in my belief system, you would be right.

Every. Single. Day. There is ONE that needs protecting, saving, rescuing. And every day, Jesus and our Great Creator sees fit to do just that. Does it happen to everyone? No. And we do not know WHY. Our Great God only knows His plan, His actions, His reasons. But….on the chance that YOU are the One that needs saving, aren’t you worth trusting in a God who loves you? Aren’t YOU worth it for Jesus to see that He can raise you up, just as He was raised on this Blessed Easter?

Please take some time to reach out, if you are in hardship, talk to Him, pray reverently, and you CAN be the one He comes to rescue. And, pray for those who need Him to rescue, to find enduring Love and Peace.

Bless you all the Blessed Season of renewal. πŸ™

Grace Unending

Grace is something always available to us, always offered, and sometimes overlooked. I asked friends to tell me their definitions of Grace and most said…Love.

I offer the same questions to the reader’s here….how do YOU describe the Grace God freely offers??? I often seem to view it as His great Forgiveness, His Absolute Love for all creation.

We need Grace. Every day. We need to acknowledge the effects of Gods Grace in our lives! We need to SHARE this gift with others….every day.

So, in this short writing, I am asking you to think about it, pray about what Grace you receive and how you give it away. We NEED all we can muster right now. Please, I pray, think about it, deeply. May God Bless you all. πŸ™

Building Trust, Living Fully

Building and maintaining trust is a wide open subject for most. A subject we take for granted all too often, substituted for rumors, hearsay, opinions and missteps. True trust relies on factors of bearing ones true heart, identity and making ourselves vulnerable.

We see examples of truly trusting people in both the New and Old Testaments. Paul, trusting, rejoicing to God in prison, Daniel, in the Lions den trusting God to protect him….the list of examples for us go on and on….and yet, so often, we miss the point. We MISS the examples’ for today’s real life applications. It IS difficult, I know. To fully TRUST is to give of oneself, totally….to know that there is something greater than ourselves directing our paths, IF we ALLOW IT.

How about how this applies to relationships today? Who and how much do you TRUST those in your sphere?? It has been said if you have 5 people in your life you can fully TRUST, you are fortunate.

I wonder, how does God looks at our trusting nature?? Or is it learned? I suggest the latter. We are born perfect, and learn worldly ways.

So how to “unlearn” and become fully trusting so that we may LIVE more fully for and in Him?

I have found immense assistance in prayer. God DOES listen. He so desires us to live fulfilled, happy lives. He so desires us to KNOW He is FOR us. He desires for us to live FULLFILLED, in His Holy ways.

If you have time today, sit and ponder your Trust levels, how they affect your daily functioning and how fully TRUSTING something GREATER than yourself may just be what you need.

Blessings to All, T.

Standing Still and Strong

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” Here on this solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand.” ( Hymn)

Foundations.…what we are built from, where we came from, HOW we are built, all MATTER, right? Without foundations we would be perilously close to demise, like the little piggies house made of straw, (not a great idea I must add.) Or perhaps building a house on a hillside made of mud, oh my!

Foundations…. are what we TRUST to HOLD US UP, to carry us through, to right the wrong, to be assured and reassured that there is a guiding light, a guiding principle to see our way through the darkness.

Foundations are what is beneath the “seen.” Obscured from vision, most of the time, the depth of the foundation secures us ever more; and, even more importantly, what the foundation is made of, matters all as well.

IN times of uncertainty, or distress, what does your unseen foundation look like, what is it made of? Can it hold you up and encourage you, can you trust it to stay in place during a torrential rainstorm, will it provide the safety you need?

I leave you with this scripture about foundations to ponder throughout the coming week. Secure your foundation today! Trust He will hold you up, come what may, and above all else, show others the foundation you know to be true. When we have the mind like Christ, our hearts will follow, and so will our actions.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord, your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9



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What DO You Have to Offer?

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John 12:3, ” Then Mary took a pint of pure Nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped His feet with her hair. And the house was filed with the fragrance of the perfume.” NIV

Last evening I was reminded of the story of a woman who gave what she had to the King. Some mocked her, others ignored her, some were disgusted she used such a rare item on the feet of Jesus. Jesus, was not amused at their disregard for a woman who had given what she had to Him. He, in fact, requested her to save the rest of it for His burial. Not knowing how soon this might come, she, nonetheless, agreed. The lady was Mary, some theologians disagree, but for the writing of this piece, I am saying it was Mary Magdalene, a compromised woman to some, but a believer that this indeed was the King, the Redeemer and her Savior.

As the story goes on it depicts a woman who likely had some means to offer such a thing to this Man, although heckled by the others in the room. She seemed to give Him what she thought necessary at the time. She gave Him this out of Love and pure adoration for someone she thought so much of. She gave Him what she could.

How often do we sit around saying to ourselves or others that we can’t do this and that because of that or this? How often do we claim to not be qualified, able or knowledgeable enough to give what we have, to help others who are in need? How often do we find excuses to not pick up the phone, write a note, listen to Gods word, read Gods Word, say a prayer for others or simply look to the sky to say Thank you for this glorious life? I know there are many times I am guilty of this. I know when asked to do something outside my comfort zone I am often very hesitant to say “yes, I will.” And yet, if we are so comfortable, will we be growing? If we are so willing to stay where we are, are we really giving what we have, doing what God asks, and growing to our full extent as Christians?

Giving what you HAVE….DOING what you CAN….BEING who you can, are all signs of LOVE. God does not ask great feats or accomplishments of us to be fully seen in His sight…HE only asks that we , as the woman in the story, DO what we CAN, for the Love of His precious Son and for the Love of His precious creations.…people and this earth. Love, can be shown in so many ways. Love is so needed today, perhaps more than in my history. Love, as it used to be sang, can keep us together…if we TRY.

So, WHAT can you DO TODAY….for God, for Jesus, to show the love they so gracefully and effortlessly give us? How can YOU make a LOVING difference today?

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