“Loves Pure Light”

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” No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and His love is perfected in us.” 1 John 4:12

God, is Love Incarnate. God is Pure Love. All that is, and all that shall be is from God and if it is from God, it is of Love.

I was watching Hallmark tonight, and a Christmas song came on….Silent Night. As these days carry on, the words of the song gave me great pause and a sense of calmness of spirit. The quiet feeling and sensation to feel Loves Pure Light fell upon me as a snowflake gently falls from the air. As I listened to the words I was again reminded of how amid all the discussions, speeches, videos, news, controversies, there is only and ever has been one thing that really matters….


What is so indelibly in front of us, what is so inextricably irrefutable, is Love.

Why is it so difficult for humans to grasp this one, freely given Entity of our lives?

LOVE LIVES, IT BREATHES, IT GIVES, IT TAKES, IT GIVES BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN AND ASKS FOR NOTHING IN RETURN. Why, is it so hard to hold onto? I look at my hands, I feel my heart beat, I think, I ponder and I still wonder, WHY?

I know, many of us can say, oh … “I love thus and such”…but is that really true? I think IF it were really true, the strife would end….or lessen at the very least. We could see each other as the same brothers and sisters were we meant to be. We would run at the opportunity to greet, to know, to SEE each other as we are…..the SAME. We would not run head long into conflict, despise those who don’t agree with us, be concerned with only our welfare and our state of being. We would make more efforts to be understanding, to look into other hearts, to feel their joys and their pain. The egotism and righteousness might just lessen, if……… we put LOVE FIRST.

Think for a moment of Love as an Entity….not a verb,….but as a REAL part of US we need to LIVE…just as we need breath. It changes perspective when one views it that way. SO many times LOVE gets cast away as something we can CHOOSE…we can DECIDE….but can we do that with oxygen? NO. SO it is the same with Love. We cannot afford the time or opportunity to waste dithering and acting as if our 4 year old selves want what they want. No wonder our Father commanded us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER so many times….He knew we would need reminders! But, alas, we are here….at this very moment in time when we really need to grasp this Entity of LOVES PURE LIGHT….and are we?

I leave you with this….God Loves what HE created. God is PURE LOVE. He does not always agree with human action…(read Bible and other material for past history,) but He loves His Creation. ALL of His Creation. You, are a part of that Creation. DO you, believe in Loves Pure Light? if so…How can you show Loves Pure Light today?

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Waterfalls of Love

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I stood in the dark stillness of the night and looked up to the sky. I talked with God about my thoughts, my feelings of all the recent events, current events and how I might make a difference.

I told God I felt like love should be the guiding factor in most of our decisions, that hate and divisiveness are not helping anyone. I asked for guidance on what to write about today, and He said..” write just what you have told me.” And so, I am.

The stillness of the night has wondrous way to make one feel a part of the Universe. The stillness comforts me, envelopes me and allows e time to just “be.”

I wonder if we all took the time to focus on Love, in all our interactions, if this might change things. I understand some people do not understand this concept….whether because of trauma, belief systems or personality. I do believe though that Love can be shared, and thus helping those who do not know how to love, BE more loving.

Its a start.

Try today, even through the masks, Love can be seen through the eyes. Even through the divisiveness, Love can be an overcomer. Lets try together….today.

Let waterfalls of Love fall from you and into another, just like the picture.




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“You are the Light of the world, like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

Matthew 5:14

How often do we take our individual significance for granted? Have you thought about your significance in the world today; How you can effect every person you meet, talk to and make eye contact with? Have you considered that Gods power shines through you with every contact, every thought and every interaction?

I know at times I take for granted the impact I may have, or have had to any given person or interaction. I pass it off as just part of my human functioning and go about my day. It is only when I stop, or get stopped by a message, that I have a bit of a realization that I DO matter, in more ways than I likely know or realize. When I say I DO matter, it is not of self worth, it is more about the impact….that through my actions and reactions, through my words or lack of, people may or may not see the Holy One. I am a Child of God, therefore, my actions reflect His…..IF I follow His guidance.

Matthew speaks of our importance in the world in this way. If we are to accept it, we can be like a castle on a hilltop that cannot be hidden, we can shine light and the love we see, and thus, shine the eyes of God to all who will see.

I got a sweet note from a friend today who has transformed her life from a non believer into one who looks for Gods messages. She wrote a little note to say thank you for my effort to helping her to listen to and for Gods voice. It wasn’t so much I felt any pride, it was a feeling of so much humility that I could influence another to find God, to hear Him speak, to attend to His messages. For a few seconds I simply sat reading, amazed at the feeling tingling inside of me. It was a God moment, as I call it….and I am thankful I was attentive enough to hear it.

All this, brings me to this message today. As we traverse this world, this land in such dire need of God, of His love, I implore you to pay attention to His love. There is so much fear and disdain, it is almost as if some well meaning people have forgotten Christs last command…Love one another. Show Gods Love. BE Gods Love to one another.

If these are the last days,as some might suggest, and if you are a believer of God through Christ, you have little to fear. If it is a condition of humanity, as we are ALL inescapably prone for, still do not fear. Love. Let Love be your guide.

For every person on this globe that need some God in their life, reach out and touch them…not with fear and brimstone, but with love and compassion. WE ALL JUST WANT A LITTLE MORE LOVE.

Be the Castle on the Hilltop. Shine your Light, let it touch whoever you meet…..and above all, remember, you are, a Child of God.

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Did you step out today and feel the air? Did you touch the ground today? Are you able to talk to another today? These Blessings are of earthly value to us as we walk courageously through these days. The abilities to see what is around us and feel the earth is precious, but not as precious as what Christ promises us.

So often I hear the fears of folks today, the silent nods and downward looks, the distant stares of those caught in the whirlwind of the days we are living right now. I chose this picture because I think it is important for us to mind our heads during this time of change and challenge. It is so easy to let our minds wander, and usually to the worst scenarios possible. It is easy to be judgmental, to find fault, to dissent, to choose sides and to turn our minds off to another.

I too confess to this behavior. During times of uncertainty it is of human nature to acquiesce to the easiest…which most often is the worst. It is harder to stand still, have Faith, listen and wait. It is hard to stand in a windstorm and not be blown over….am I right? Of course that is a very big leap of an example,but pertinent one for sure.

Christ came and died so that our fears would be saved by His protection and Grace. He alone can provide such comfort. Our minds are of human form….which means, they are fallible. Our minds at times can do us more harm than good, if we allow it. If however, we sit quietly, focus on the Christ within us, versus the noise around us, we can feel His Spirit, feel His comfort and feel His guidance.

When you are feeling overwhelmed by the world, remember, it IS the world, and the world is not the whole of His creation. We can reach out and ask Him to help us find solace, find peace, find joy.

Today…find joy. Look for it. Sit quietly and feel the presence of peace and serenity.

Today, mind your head, give your head a rest and let Him take over.



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Usually at night, before I go to bed, I stand on the porch and talk with God. Sometimes He engages, sometimes He is silent, but I always know He is present, listening, intently.

I ask for direction, guidance, nudges, and voices to direct my path. I pray for others, pray for forgiveness, I pray and talk with Him about my growth and what He wishes me to do to help grow His Kingdom.

The other night I was confounded over writing this blog. I admitted to Him I did not know for sure what I was doing or if I was doing what He had directed me to do. We talked about my fears, He asked some pertinent questions, ( ones I already knew in my heart the answer to,) and gave me some things to think on.

Some things I came away with I wanted to share with you.

God “speaks” to all of us, in many different ways. A song, a bird, a person, a hymn, a scripture, a prayer, are just a few of the ways he communicates through the Holy Spirit. To HEAR GOD, requires belief that this happens, just as you believe the sun will rise, the seasons will change or the patterns of life are real.

Belief that you too can communicate with Him is paramount to deepen your relationship with him. Wherever you are silent, you may hear His voice, feel His Presence, sense that He is near.

I ask you not to dismiss these occurrences as they can bring us closer to Him and a richer life in Christ and what God has intended in order for us to serve Him.

I struggled with writing this and told God I was afraid people would think I was nutty. He said, ..”and who counts more than what I think..?

Good question….,my reply of course was, “well, no-one.”

And then He said, ….” then do as I direct you and write. Write about Me. Write about our conversations so that others might experience Me and believe.” Undoubtedly I said, somewhat hesitantly, “I’ll try.” You can imagine His response to the I’ll try thing…..it was a loud but calming, ” You can do it, trust ME.” And so, I am here, writing, to tell you of my conversations with the Almighty. I am here to tell you that He wants to have these with you as well, and Loves you dearly. I am here to tell you God is real, alive and very much with us, always.

I realize I am not the first to retell of such things, nor hopefully will I be the last. This blog is about helping you find Hope, find Peace, find Love, find God. I hope you will take a few minutes of your day to read some of the pieces and leave me a note if you have comments. I do value each of you that read the words I have so freely been given to pass on.

I will end with this scripture as it somehow seems fitting….

Matthew 5:5….”Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

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  • A story can take you to the land of make believe, or reality.
  • A story can entrance you, scare you, fill you with love, or make you remember things long forgotten.
  • A story can be anything we wish it to be, including our lives.
  • What stories do you see in these photos?
  • How would you write the story for these photographs?
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  • Stories have many facets to them. Some are for life lessons, some are for morals, and some stories simply tell others who we really are.
  • As you look at each of these pictures, can you see a story in them? What do you see?
  • Each person has such a diverse life, a diverse personality, paths they have trod, people they have met…it is amazing to me to wonder what these people in these photographs might have experienced.
  • Story tellers are quiet another group. My grandmother was a great story teller. She could see in her mind lands from far away and describe the colors in vast detail. It was magical.
  • Take some time, write down your story, share them with me, lets share our imaginations and write some great stories!
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Imagine our Blessings!


Gotta Groove!

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Gotta get your groove on today folks!

Its Monday…time to start another week, wake to the sound of birds chirping, hear your heart beat and feel the love out there!

I was recently thinking about how good we really have it right now. Yes, there is is horrible oppression and discrimination that seriously needs to be dealth with. Yes there are laws and governmental changes to always be made. BUT….we have LIFE!

How much do you value your life? How much living are you doing? Are you a daily participant or are you merely sitting by watching others and wondering? I’ve been guilty of sitting and watching…its way easier. You find your space, settle in and boom, you got your seat to watch the games!

What if you changed all that? What if you decided today to take some action…anything…and actually start living and doing life?

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Write a letter, not an email, an old fashioned letter, with thought!
  2. Call a friend whom you haven’t seen in a while, and who may just be missing you!
  3. Even with the pandemic, there are places you can volunteer with proper precautions, like the animal shelter maybe…
  4. Go take a walk, notice all the things in nature GOD has provided for us!
  5. Sit and meditate, pray, be silent, for an hour. Just you and GOD, you and nature, quietly experiencing each other. I read the other day our most imaginative times comes when we are silent!
  6. Think of that hobby you’ve put off doing…and start! If you cant afford materials, ask around with your friends, you’d be surprised how much stuff folks have they’d like to “share.”

And lastly, dance! Just like the gentleman above….when all else fails, DANCE!

Your spirit will be lifted, you body will feel better and that lost groove, you may just find it again!

Blessings on your groove,



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teach your children well,”

The responsibility of a parent is a great one if taken to it’s fullest extent. God mentions this responsibility so many times in Bible and in Jesus teachings to the disciples. We, whether by natural, or adoption, help raise children every day. This includes….those of us that had no biological kids, but helped raise several of my friends children, just by being present. Being present is what God asks of us. Sometimes they liked it, sometimes they did not, but I was and still am there for them anytime they need me. I have the heart of a parent.

When I think of my linage, I suppose I grew up in this manner. Teaching was always paramount in my family, and being there for each other was as well. Our family is small and so it was even more important that our friends became like family. I took instruction from them, ( sometimes willingly, sometimes not,) I took advice, kidding and mostly I was given love. Unconditional love.

Unconditional love is not without rules. Unconditional love does not necessarily mean I approve or agree with every decision you make, every behavior exhibited, but it does mean that no matter what, I love your person, I am thankful for your being and existence and without it, my life would not be the same.

I have watched and heard from so many parents that struggle with questions about children such as: “how can I love this little brat so much?…They drive me to my brink!”

(The list of those questions goes on and on obviously, but here is the clicker...)

God loves YOU, no matter what. He set down rules, guidelines and even commandments that we agree with or not. We may follow those rules and we may not. We may go astray for a bit and then we may return. Through it all, God loves us…without exception. This sort of eternal love is what I feel binds us together, whether we are connected by DNA or simply by a knowing we belong together.

As we traverse the paths of teaching, whether that is children or others, it is important we remember to teach them well. Teach with empathy, with understanding, with listening ears and and an open heart. Teach love, show love, show love toward others. I posted earlier …”Jesus was a great example of love, be like Jesus.” I still believe that. Live like Jesus, with open arms, unconditional love and understanding for others.

Let me know your thoughts!




I felt this article was so incredible, I wanted to share it with you all. God Bless.

Wherever you stand on any of the current issues as a civilian or veteran; active or retired; well-to-do or just making-do, just take a moment and read this perspective from a Marine Corps General.

LtGen (Ret) Vincent R. Stewart:
“Please, take your knee off our necks so we can breathe

I do not believe I can make you understand how the slow motion, horrifying, nonchalant murder of a black man has impacted me personally and saddened me for our country. The images invade my every thought and action and has convinced me that I can no longer be silent.

I am by all accounts a successful American who has truly lived the American dream. I am a first generation American who rose to the top of my profession. Some will look at my situation and say it is easy to achieve the American dream if you just work hard enough. Hard work is certainly a key ingredient to success, but sometimes there are simply too many barriers that hard work simply won’t overcome. For many people of color these barriers are reflected in emotions of fear, anger, isolation, contempt, resentment, despair and even hatred. What I often hear is that things are better than they were. But I also often hear that I just don’t understand the anger, frustration and despair from the black community. So, let me try to explain from the perspective of a successful American.

I am going to present some of my experiences over the last 50 years for those who make up the privileged class, and I ask the reader to close their eyes and try to capture the emotion they would feel if this had been their own experience. I use the word “privilege” advisably because most won’t think that they are a part of that class.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain of coming to America from Jamaica and becoming a minority at that moment, separate and unequal and having that feeling on the first day of elementary school. I didn’t feel that even if constitutionally able, I could aspire to be the leader of my country or lead a major cooperation, or own my own business . . . No role models, no opportunity, no real future beyond manual low skill labor.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain of a high school student being stopped and searched nearly every time I left my apartment—and for a simple reason—the color of my skin. I was never accused of anything; it was a simple stop and search of a young man just like so many others.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain from the first time I was called a nigger in anger and later playing on the same football team with the individual who called me a nigger. I knew what was in his heart but we were teammates and we never spoke of the incident.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain I experienced working as a door to door encyclopedia salesman (yes—this was a thing before google) when I was greeted by a man on his porch and informed he would have shot me had I walked on his porch a month or so earlier, but he didn’t because he was now a Christian. I offered a hearty praise God and departed as quickly as my legs could move without running. It wasn’t long before the local Sherriff picked me up, for my safety and took me to his “office.” Later that evening the Sheriff who had been hosting me until my manager would pick me up, offered to show me the house that a black family had planned on moving in, which somehow burned to the ground the night before their planned move in. Needless to say, I declined the invitation.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain of having a college roommate who was hostile and outwardly racist—we ended that relationship with blows being struck.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain of being described as the best black officer in a unit, never able to be described as the best officer in the unit; never the first choice for visible prominent assignments in spite of a record of performance that was superior to my colleagues.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain of looking around an executive level board room and realizing that you are the only person of color in the room; block checked, we have one and that’s all we need to have achieved diversity. Shame we couldn’t get a black female, we could have checked two blocks.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain when your child begins to inquire about the requirements for joining a local swim club and is told there are no black people on the swim team and black people can’t swim. The person who told her this laughed hysterically while telling this to a child.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain when your son is stopped in a car with three white friends. They had all been drinking to include the driver, who was white. The officers stated they had something special for my son. They took the three white friends from the car and released them. The three white friends were released and my son got to spend the night in jail.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain when your child’s friend tells your son that they were not allowed to play with niggers.

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain of trying to convince a member of Congress that I had earned my position as the director of an agency; that it wasn’t a gratuitous appointment because “you must be close to the President” (President Obama at the time).

It’s hard for me to explain and help you understand the pain of instant surveillance when you enter a store because you are obviously a shoplifter or being stopped for driving while black or being ignored in a store because obviously you can’t afford the merchandise. And I could go on. Just imagine, these are the experiences of someone who volunteered to defend the nation for over three decades and rose to become a Lieutenant General. Now imagine the experiences of those who are unable escape generational poverty, their pain, and their anguish.

Few people of privilege have experienced what I’ve outlined above but every person of color can recognize almost every example I’ve described and have survived under these conditions every day, every month, every year of their lives. Surely there must be a long term psychological impact of this sort of systemic experience.

The emotions, the obstacles, the many challenges to overcome in our society did not stop me from being successful but, I didn’t do it alone. I stood on the shoulders of the pioneers who broke through barriers at great sacrifice. Men like the Montford Point Marines who fought for the right to fight for liberty, freedom, and democracy paving the way for folks like me.

I was mentored and inspired by men like Generals Colin Power Cliff Stanley and Walt Gaskin. These men broke barriers that facilitated my success. I can’t begin to imagine their stories and what they endured to react the pinnacle of their profession.

But the men who had the greatest impact on my career were three white men of privilege LtGen (ret) Bob “Rusty” Blackman, GENs (Ret) Jim Amos and Joe Dunford. These men saw something in me and did more than mentor me; they sponsored me, advocated for me, and spoke up on my behalf. They did more than extend a hand to pull me up. They lifted and carried me to the top of my profession. These men were in positions that allowed them to carry me; they were able to use their levers of power and influence to elevate me to the top of my profession. Where would I have landed without the effort of these men?

This begs the question: Who are you lifting up and helping to get across the finish line? Platitudes are nice. But this country needs action. If you are in a position of power and privilege, I challenge you to mentor and advocate for people that don’t look like you.

I can’t stop believing in the promise of America, because if the dream is not possible here, it’s not possible anywhere.

In his book “Democracy in America”, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote “I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers – and it was not there . . . in her fertile fields and boundless forests and it was not there . . . in her rich mines and her vast world commerce – and it was not there . . . in her democratic Congress and her matchless Constitution – and it was not there. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”

We must prove to a large part of our own population that we are good. As a person who has had incredible success in this country, I am directly appealing to those in positions of power and privilege to recognize the experiences of your fellow Americans who do not look like you, and to take real, specific actions to uplift others.”