I wonder, just as this young man might be, can we have a redo? I wonder also as situations progress and people talk of change, what are we wanting to change in ourselves during this time of societal change? So far, in society, there are many options to choose from: health care, human services, personalContinue reading “CAN WE START AGAIN? PLEASE?”

The Power of Empathy โ€” Dr. Eric Perry

Positive post by a fellow blogger: Written by Dr. Eric Perry Image Credit: Pixabay โ€œYou can only understand people if you feel them in yourself.โ€ ~John Steinbeck The ability to see and feel the world from another personโ€™s point of view is one of the most powerful human traits. Empathy allows you to transport yourselfContinue reading “The Power of Empathy โ€” Dr. Eric Perry”